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United Cash Loan - Payday Loans For People With Bad Credit

United Cash Loans was always striving to give its customers fast cash advance loans to tide it over financial difficulties. If you just need fast money to help you get through till your next pay day, then United Cash Loan is the solution you are looking for. Fast cash advances can be provided in the amount of up to up to five-thousand dollars only by filling out the online application, which only takes around five minutes, at the website. You can find a reputed direct lender for your quick cash advance loan. However, with the stiff competition between the direct lenders, it is very difficult to find a good one.

Most reputed lenders are now offering their services online, so that their customers can get fast cash advances irrespective of their bad credit history or adverse circumstances. To qualify for a cash advance loan from United Cash Loan, you don't even have to have a checking or savings account as long as you have a source of income. The requirements for this type of loan are also quite simple. Most often, these loans are made without any credit check whatsoever and you can get a cash advance with a processing time of around two weeks to be repaid in less than ten days.

There is however, one crucial requirement for obtaining a cash advance from United Cash Loan and that is if you possess a bad credit report along with an active checking or savings account. If you possess such a record then you would not qualify for this loan facility. In case you possess a bad credit history and yet you wish to apply for this loan facility, you should call up the nearest branch or customer care executive to enquire about the same. A direct lender would be able to help you obtain a cash advance even if you possess a bad credit history.

The lending criteria of United Cash Loan are extremely easy and they do not demand any faxing of documents. So, all you need to do is fill up an online form and submit it to obtain an approval. This online application can be submitted from anywhere in the world and does not require you to fax any documents. As soon as your application is approved, you can easily get a five hundred and twenty dollar payday loan in your checking or savings account. Even if you do not possess such a bank account, you would still qualify for this loan facility.

The interest rates of United Cash Loan are a bit high but that does not mean that it is the best deal. That is why this type of payday loans are known as cash advances and are meant for those who have an urgent need of cash. You have the option of opting for a twelve-month repayment plan or a three month repayment plan. However, the interest rates for the repayment plan are higher than the rates for the other two plans. In order to take advantage of the interest free period of the United Cash Loan, you should borrow more money from the lender. The repayment of the advance will be made on the basis of the amount you have borrowed from the lender.

In order to apply for United Cash Loan, you have to be at least eighteen years of age, owns a valid checking account and an active checking account in your name. A detailed pay stub from the previous year is required along with the borrower's social security number. There are no credit checks carried out at the time of applying for a payday advance. So, if you have been denied by a cashadvance being operated in your name, you can apply again and get another United Cash Loan.

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